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Celebrating the successes of our family members at Bodies By Burgoon

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Laurie Falz

Laurie Falz

Couch Girl to Dirty Girl

Somewhere around April/May of 2011, I woke up and discovered the following things: a) I was 45 years old b) I could see 190lbs from where I lay sprawled on the couch c) If my life depended on me running around the block I was as good as dead.

I am so fortunate to have a friend (Hi Jill!) who was both sympathetic about the weight – she had had a little one about a year earlier – and was sick of listening to me complain about my lack of fitness and how I could not bear to buy the next size up (16s). So we decided to do something about it together. We gave up our lunch hour and just ate at our desks. We joined a gym and discovered that the whole personal training thing was really our key to success. We were fortunate to find the amazing Jason; and like so many others when they shut the doors at the icky gym we used to belong to we followed him to Bodies By Burgoon.


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Kirsten Frickle

Kirsten Frickle

“From Lardass to Badass”

I used to weigh 195 lbs. and lived a pretty sedentary life.

My activities mainly consisted of eating and drinking.

After training with Jason I’ve lost more than 70 lbs. and now enjoy an active lifestyle, healthy eating habits (most of the time) and a great group of friends. At age 44, I weighed in at 123 pounds (I was 119 in high school). I’ve been surfing in Hawaii, ice climbing in Iceland and enjoy whitewater kayaking wherever the water is flowing.

I am the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. I couldn’t have done it without Jason’s motivation and support.

Thank you Jason!

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Soleil Bornstein

Soleil Bornstein

Before I started training with Jason, I had gained 40 pounds in nearly two years.

I took a leave of absence from school and came home to Minnesota. I tried kicking myself back into shape, and went through three different gyms before I became a regular with Jason. I hesitantly came to my first session and got my ass handed to me — I was sore for days, even though I was already training elsewhere several times a week. Nonetheless, I was hooked. I started coming in two or three times a week, meeting new people, getting fit, and losing weight– but not to the degree that I wanted. Jason and I agreed that I would start coming in five days a week: one hour of training, one hour of cardio, and put me on a strict diet regimen.

I began to feel and see a change in myself that I liked. My body actually craved exercise, rather than being stagnant. I could see the shape of my body changing, clothes started to fit differently, and I was feeling good about myself. I lost 10 pounds that month, and as I leave to return to school, I’m determined to keep that number going up, and my weight going down.

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