About Us


Thousands of lives: changed.


That’s what nearly 40 years of collective experience from Bodies by Burgoon trainers will get you. They guide. They coach. They laugh. They cry. They cheer. And they believe in every single person making personal commitments to health.

There are no mirrors. Only encouragement, positivity, and teamwork.

Everyone is welcome — all shapes, all sizes, all colors, all fitness levels, all lifestyles. Sweat and hard work are our common ground.

For the trainers, it’s about what’s right for each of their unique clients – it might be losing weight, gaining weight, getting stronger, getting faster, or learning to walk. There’s no magic…only hard work. And they know how to make the hard work fun and rewarding.

The team is educated to work with everything from nutrition, to expecting mothers, to martial arts, to the elderly…and a lot more. They’re all known for their dedication, personal-ness, and humility. They’re committed to strengthening lives and building self-confidence – with clients just starting out, or those with 30 years of experience.

The positive environment, the values and the passion at Bodies by Burgoon is the vision of leader, Jason Burgoon.

For Jason, everything is personal…every client, every story, every need. It’s why his client base is nearly 100 percent referral-based. It’s why he was one of Bally’s top trainers, nationally, multiple times during his tenure with that company. It’s why he considers one of his biggest accomplishments as a trainer as being part of the story of a wheelchair-bound young girl learning to walk again.

With more than 12 years of experience and multiple nationally-recognized certifications, Jason has trained more than 1,000 clients, led hundreds of group classes (including boot camps), and taught self-defense classes to more than 500 women.

He’s also a very highly-trained martial artist with experience in Wing Chun (China), Systema (Russia), Tiger Style Kung Fu (China), and (his 17-year specialty) Muy Thai (Thailand).

His love for what he does has everything to do with his personal story. Read Jason’s Story. 



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