Heather Bursch – Food and Communications Lead


Heather Bursch, food and communications lead

When I was growing up, I would experiment with cooking for my younger brother at lunch time. At age 6 he said I made the best macaroni and cheese from scratch, ever. (He was not hard to please!)

Soon after, my working mom asked if she could pay me to plan a menu and create dinner for our family a couple nights a week. Without a computer, I only had old church cookbooks and my mom’s recipe box to look through at the time, but the love of searching for and creating good food began.

While I graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education and taught first grade for 7 years, the part I most connected to in my job (besides love for those cute first graders) was the process of designing lesson plans and creating a learning environment for kids to succeed. When I left my job as a teacher to stay home with my second baby and toddler son, I started creating with food again and throwing parties for people as a personal chef.saladwithchicken

ed2taco2This eventually led to writing and sharing food ideas and inspiration on my personal blog. I was already on a path of cleaning up my food and learning with my family about how food makes us feel when I walked into this gym two years ago. I remember meeting Jason for the first time and he talked about food journaling. I vulnerably said my passion was cooking, as if he was going to take it away or tell me that I was disqualified unless I planned on giving that up too. Instead he calmly said, “Then you will figure it out and make your chicken taste better.” It didn’t have to be the thing that held me back from making the changes I wanted to make, at least that’s what I heard. And I didn’t have to go on a diet, which in my experience, had never worked for the long term.


Heather’s children

I believe we all have a valuable story that has lead us to this point and time, a history of food choices and learning, a path that may or may not have included exercise and activity, and a brain full of patterns and emotions all very connected to what we do with our body and put in our mouth. When we insert change to even part of this, everything has to adjust, and given enough non­judgemental support and encouragement over time, I do believe anything is possible. Stepping into working out at Bodies by Burgoon has given me so much hope and helped me make changes so that taking care of me is not last on the list anymore.

I love to create, learn, write and share – these things have been with me all along. I write at shemadeitshemight.com about making things and finding inspiration from other makers just like you. Together we can get better and find our strong!

Heather and her husband, Tim

Heather and her husband, Tim

Heather engages her many passions and talents to run all things food, communications, and social media for Bodies by Burgoon and Torque Cycling.